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MARGARET KEANE MARGARET KEANE from Blackburn wrote on October 21, 2019
Had a very enjoyable day yesterday with Paul. I wasn't sure whether we would get to see any squirrels, but I needn't have worried as I got lots of photos of the squirrels in their natural environment, which was fantastic.
I would recommend a day spent here. Everything was organised well and we got to see red squirrels doing different activities.
Sophia Spurgin Sophia Spurgin from Bishops Stortford wrote on October 19, 2019
Seamus, a freind of Paul, took me to the squirrel hides and I had a really lovely time. What wonderful creatures they are.
Paul has set the area up with lots of places to take nice photos but be prepared for the speed the squirrels move! I would certainly come again
Margaret Mills Margaret Mills from Hartlepool wrote on September 24, 2019
We enjoyed a great evening last night at our camera club with Paul. He gave a really interesting talk and his images are amazing. We look forward to a return visit from him next year. Many thanks Margaret. Syllabus Secretary.
Willa laidler Hartlepool camera club Willa laidler Hartlepool camera club from Hartlepool wrote on September 24, 2019
Last night Paul, accompanied by his friend, displayed his fabulous wild life and some amazing lanscape images.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope he will pay us a return visit in the future.

You were both good company and really welcome.

Kind regards
Tony Hirt Tony Hirt from Sandy wrote on September 23, 2019
I had a great day with Paul photographing the red squirrels and his nemesis the pheasants in both the woodland and reflection hides on a 1 to 1 session. The squirrels certainly did their bit with at one point 6 around, on top of and even on the window sill of the hide. Paul was both very knowledgable about the wildlife as well as the technical aspects for the photography as well as good company. Certainly well worth a visit if you want images of the reds
David G Woolcock David G Woolcock from West Wodonga wrote on September 22, 2019
I had two fantastic days with Paul photographing Red Squirrels and woodland birds. It was a beautiful place in a small wood with two purpose built hides which we made full use of. I now have some magic images which i will cherish with many thanks for the expert tutelage and good company. What else can say but I will be back to do more workshops with Paul when I return to the UK from Australia.
Robert and Mary Fish Robert and Mary Fish from Epworth wrote on August 28, 2019
On the day we booked with Paul to do photography in his squirrel hides it was raining hard. When Paul met us, the first thing he said was, 'Are you around tomorrow?' When we told him we were, he immediately offered us space for the following day.

The next day brought an improving picture and gave us shots better than we could have hoped. For six hours the squirrel activity was both constant and illuminating. Paul shared our excitement and worked hard to ensure we got the best shots possible. He was amusing and informative, and genuine in his desire for us to get the most out of the day. He illustrated some of his tips on framing and cropping by showing us some of his own back catalogue.
The whole day was memorable and rewarding and we owe Paul (and his squirrels) our gratitude for an unforgettable experience.

Bob and Mary
Barry Mainprize Barry Mainprize from Bridlington wrote on August 4, 2019
I had another great workshop with Paul on 2nd July, this time the red squirrels 1 to 1 workshop. Paul is a great photographer and tutor who, as always, gave well over 100% effort to ensure the workshop was a great success. His 2 red squirrels hides are really well set up and within a short space of time the โ€˜reds started to show and I got many really nice shots before moving on to the reflections pool. A few more nice shots before the couple of โ€˜redsโ€™ disappeared early but the hide seemed awash with different types of birds, many young: nature at its very best and a joy to experience whether youโ€™re a photographer or not and so peaceful.

As the โ€˜redsโ€™ did not come back, I took some shots of siskin and buntings hovering near teasels: they are very quick but with Paulโ€™s guidance and his excellent knowledge of the birds and their behaviour I came away with 2 shots I was really pleased with - the icing on the cake.

Paul is such a nice guy and I can highly recommend his hides and red squirrel workshop. A huge thanks Paul for all your effort, advice, skill and professionalism.

Andy Andy from Newbury wrote on July 22, 2019
Had a fantastic day out with Paul. He was more than helpful during the booking process and collection from the meeting point.
Fantastic set up at the hides and despite a slow start on the squirrels there were plenty of birds to photograph and get exposure right.
Paul offered as much or as little guidance as you wanted .
I am really happy with the images I got and would recommend the day
Alison Young Alison Young from Grimsby wrote on July 21, 2019
My friend Julie and I spent a wonderful day with Paul in the Lake District. Despite worries about the weather we were very fortunate.
As novice photographers we found Paul very informative but didn't blind us with terminology.
Paul was easy company to keep and the day was both educational and enjoyable visiting some beautiful sites in the Lake District.
We both really feel we will try to get off 'Auto' and will experiment with the other settings now they have been demystified! It has also re-ignited my passion for photography.
I would recommend one of these workshops to anyone and hope to join Paul again for another one some day.
Barbara STANLEY Barbara STANLEY from Tadlow wrote on July 5, 2019
Had a wonderful morning with Seamus and the red squirrels. Very well designed hides and obliging squirrels. Seamus was an excellent and helpful host, and we left with great photos. Thanks so much.
geoff dwyer geoff dwyer from Barnstaple wrote on June 20, 2019
Just spent a very enjoyable morning at the reflection hide with Seamus, the amount of effort he put in to make the day a success for us contributed in no small part to a very successful outing. As always after a trip like this there is the 'fun' of post processing and as my wife, who isn't a photographer, was able to capture some great shots with her point and shoot (albeit an upmarket one) I have those to do as well. .. but it will be well worth it and I can always accidentally delete those shots she took that are better than mine ๐Ÿ˜Ž Thanks again for an enjoyable, fun day.
David Roberts David Roberts from Rotherham wrote on June 6, 2019
4 of us spent a day, 5th May, with Paul at his Red Squirrel hides. We must say Paul was professional throughout, on hand all day with advice and tips, and we all came away with some lovely images. Thanks Paul for a great day, would highly recommend and I'm sure we'll be back for another great experience. I would personally like to thank Paul for helping me capture an incredible jumping squirrel image.
David Oldham David Oldham from Horsham, West Sussex wrote on May 22, 2019
We called in for a red squirrel day to break the drive back from Scotland to Sussex and I was very pleased we did! Weather conditions were very overcast which was a concern but we needn't have been bothered by this. After a slow start in the woodland hide, activity levels increased with at least two kits and several adults feeding allowing us to get some great shots. The reflection pool was just fantastic and we came away with a huge number of "keepers". Oh yes, and we had some good fun photographing jumping squirrels but this would have benefited from better light conditions. A long way from Sussex but if circumstances permit, I would definitely hope to return. Thanks to Paul and his friend Seamus for looking after us
John Warham John Warham from Thornham wrote on May 15, 2019
I spent a day with Paul at a black grouse lek and would strongly recommit this to anyone who is interested in seeing and photographing this rare species at point blank range.
Paul is an expert, good company and, once you tune into his NE accent, really good company. Donโ€™t miss this opportunity!
Janice Fiske, visited April 3rd 2019 Janice Fiske, visited April 3rd 2019 from London wrote on April 7, 2019
๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ and I'm still smiling!
I spent a wonderful day with Paul at the two squirrel hides, woodland and reflection pool. I had driven up from London, so both Paul and I were worried in case the squirrels didn't turn up. We needn't have worried. as soon as they spotted Paul, the squirrels were out and about and we weren't without them from 9am to 2pm. The photographic opportunities are excellent and varied but just watching the squirrels is fascinating. Paul knows these animals very well and is able to tell you what they are likely to do next, giving you a heads up for the best photos.
The reflection pool is just amazing. We were very lucky as, despite the day having started with rain, sleet and snow, by the time we went to the pool we had blue sky and sunshine. The light and colours were just brilliant. The squirrels were inquisitive and cheeky, with some of them getting so close that a reflection was out of the question and a portrait shot was in order instead.
Paul is a very genial host who really knows his stuff and is happy to provide you with advice and tips to get better shots along the way. His care for his forest and the creatures living in it is to be applauded.
I highly recommend the red squirrel 1-2-1 day and if it wasn't such a long drive, I would be back very soon. I loved it and have many, many photos to share with family and friends.
Kevin Croucher Kevin Croucher from Letchworth Garden CITY wrote on March 7, 2019
Myself and a friend spent a great day with Paul and what a day if you would like to photograph Red Squirrels the set up Paul offers is as good as it gets he seems to have thought of everything with a reflection pool that is the best I have seen and a jumping post, dry stone walls that are just stunning.
As well as a great set up Paul was generous with his time and advice and we will be going back again soon.
Chris Twell Chris Twell from Doncaster wrote on February 20, 2019
Booked in after getting the urge to photograph red squirrels after a visit to the Lake District.

Paul was quick to reply with what dates were free and I soon booked my day. He was extremely accommodating being kind enough to give me use of all set ups including the reflection pool which I hadnโ€™t booked as the week leading up the trip was freezing cold and we assumed the pool would be frozen.

The set up is just about perfect giving you plenty of chances for many different shots. Iโ€™d never used a jumping set up before and it turned out to be set up so well it was pretty simple to use.

The reflection pool is the jewel in the crown of this place though. I got the majority of my best shots using the reflection pool.

I highly recommend booking some time here, I will be again when then summer months come round.

Fantastic day. Thanks again!
Col Armstrong Col Armstrong from Liverpool wrote on February 20, 2019
Just spent a fantastic day with Paul, if you love Red Squirrels youโ€™ll love this opportunity to photo them in a a totally unique and professional way.
Paul spent the day with me and gave me tips and ideas how to improve my many shots that I took so if want an exciting but satisfying day out donโ€™t hesitate to book a day with Paul and the Red Squirrels, youโ€™ll come home with a big smile on your face....guaranteed
Amanda Marks Amanda Marks from Ipswich wrote on February 18, 2019
I bought a day with Paul at his hides as a Christmas present for my husband. We've photographed wildlife all over the world, but never seen a red squirrel up close, nor well enough to photograph. I was hoping that this day in Paul's hides (the woodland and the pool hide) would be a good day, but it wasn't - it was superb!!
I was so thrilled to constantly see around 8-10 squirrels coming a going, and they were obviously very habituated to Paul, who had placed logs etc in suitable places then tempted them with nuts and seeds. It really worked, and we came away with hundreds of shots. I'd recommend going for time in both hides as, whilst very close to each other, they both offer quite different photographic opportunities. Paul was a very good host, and always tried to give the best experience possible. Highly recommended. .