Woodland Hide

Woodland Hide
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Woodland Hide Availability

Woodland Hides are available everyday. Please use the Contact Me button to the right, and then select the Red Squirrel Hides option. Or contact me on 07889 264 901.

Photograph Red Squirrels from England’s only purpose-built Squirrel photography hides located in the Yorkshire Dales. The main woodland hide can accommodate up to four persons and offers a fantastic opportunity to see and photograph squirrels at close range in a natural setting.

The hide is located near Hawes in North Yorkshire, less than an hour from the A1 to the east and the M6 to the west. The session lasts for approximately five hours (meeting at Hawes at 8.30am and ending at approximately 2pm with return to Hawes for 2.30pm). Recommended accommodation (if required) can be found in the ‘Links’ section of the website.

You should be prepared to share with up to two other persons (three people in total). I will be present to set you up in the hide and then will return frequently to ensure that there is sufficient feed for the Squirrels and birds throughout the session.  I won’t just get you there and then abandon you as some might!

You will spend up to five hours in the hide and lenses from 200mm up to 400mm are ideal, with 500mm lenses perfect for the small birds that frequently visit and for close up squirrel images.

The hide has been purposely designed to enable comfortable photography with windows offering views of perches on three sides. At the front of the hide there are dual height windows which allow for shots of Squirrels on the trees and taller perches and ground shots/lower perches.

The Squirrels are extremely reliable and generally there are several present at any one time. However, these are wild animals and as such they cannot be 100% guaranteed (this can be due to adverse weather conditions for example). That said,  the Squirrels have never failed to turn up for visitors at any time over the past six years and the site is most definitely one of the best locations to see Reds up-close and in good numbers anywhere in the UK.

Other animals you could see are Roe Deer, Rabbits, woodland birds from Great Spotted Woodpeckers to Pheasants, Siskins, Stock Doves, Tits and Finches and occasionally more elusive creatures like Stoats, Sparrowhawks and Owls. Please download the Frequently Asked Questions document HERE for more information.

Woodland Hide Plus Jumping Squirrel.  After we are finished in the Woodland Hide we sill spend a couple of hours photographing Squirrels jumping through the air off a new jumping platform, also we will photograph then running along fallen tree trunks and on beautiful dry stone walls

Group Bookings.  (4 Sharing) (Woodland Hide Only) Cost is £250

Group Bookings  (4 Sharing) Cost is £400

This includes access to both Woodland Hide and Reflection Pool hide plus jumping Squirrels

Woodland Hide


Woodland Hide Plus Jumping Squirrels


Group Booking - Four Sharing


Group Booking - Both Hides